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BCamp Academy 2019

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The ultimate bootcamp for programming lovers.

Apply by May 31, 2019. Full-time, free-of-charge, 5-week program, starting in July 2019. All expenses (including accommodation and meals) are covered.
What is BCamp?

Take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn the secrets of iOS development directly from Bending Spoons' world-class senior engineers.

Work with state-of-the-art technology in an intense, full-time, 5-week program, and advance your skills as you never thought possible in such a short time.

Why BCamp?
Network with the best.

At Bending Spoons, we're the leading iOS app developer in Europe by new users acquired (about 300,000 daily), our apps have been featured by Apple countless times, and some of our highly-skilled senior engineers will be your teachers.

Use cutting-edge technology.

You'll work with state-of-the-art technology, from Swift and the iOS SDK, to our own open-source libraries Katana and Tempura. At the end of the program, you'll have a good idea of how a world-class iOS app can be architected and developed.

Experience an awesome workplace.

The program will take place in Bending Spoons' brand-new office in Milan. Bending Spoons was recently elected Best Workplace in Italy by the Great Place to Work Institute, so you might like to have a look!

It's completely free.

All expenses will be paid for by Bending Spoons, including those for housing and meals for the duration of the program, in case you come from outside Milan.

Enhance your professional pedigree.

At the end of the course, if you've met our criteria of completion, you'll receive a certificate of attendance.

The learning program

Week 1

You'll start from the basics of Swift, the programming language of choice when developing on iOS. You'll hear about its data structures and the way memory is managed with Automatic Reference Counting (ARC).

Week 2

You'll explore the basics of app development and learn how views are drawn and how touches and gestures are recognized. You'll hear about basic elements and views, such as UIButton, UITableView and UICollectionView.

Week 3

You'll dive into Katana and Tempura, the popular open-source libraries developed by Bending Spoons. Katana and Tempura are cutting-edge frameworks for modeling the app logic and user interface, and together they make developing a robust app quick and fun.

Weeks 4 and 5

Time to practice what you've learned! Divided in teams, you'll work on a real app project, and you'll be impressed by how much ground you'll have covered in so little time.

The teachers
Mauro Bolis
Mauro is a Software Engineer who started developing for iOS in 2010. He's the mastermind behind Katana, the popular open-source library at the core of every Bending Spoons app. He loves working with user interfaces and finds it immensely satisfying to optimize code so as to make apps buttery-smooth.
Andrea De Angelis
Andrea started coding on iOS in 2008, the year Apple opened it to external developers. He's the creator of Tempura, the foundational open-source library that makes developing user interfaces a breeze. He loves to devise iOS architectures that make coding efficient and clean and to surprise users with delightful details.
Full-time, free-of-charge, 5-week program, starting in July 2019. All expenses (including accommodation and meals) are covered.
timeline process
The admission process

Applicants will go through a rigorous selection process, designed to identify the most promising young developers in Italy and nurture their talent.

The admission process includes an online application, several practical tests, as well as interviews. Apply with a CV that speaks about your passion for programming, and let your cover letter explain why we should pick you over everyone else. Ultimately, 14 people will be admitted, although we reserve the right to slightly change this number, depending on the number and quality of the applications we receive.

timeline process
The eligibility requirements

To have a chance to be selected, you must demonstrate:

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A clear passion for programming.

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A reasonably good knowledge of at least one programming language (not necessarily one relevant to iOS development).

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Fluency in Italian, a good understanding of English.

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You must be Italian or reside in Italy.


You must have reasonably good knowledge of at least one programming language. There's no need to know Swift or any other technology involved in the program, as the learning materials we'll provide start by covering the basics, including the foundations of Swift.

The program is taking place in Milan, in Bending Spoons' office in Corso Como 15, and will be delivered in two parts: from Monday, July 22 until Friday, August 2; and from Monday August 26 until Friday, September 13. Accommodation will be provided while the program is active, including in the weekends of July 20, August 3, August 24, and September 14, but not during the break between the two parts, which is from Monday, August 5 to Friday, August 23.

The program is completely free. If you're coming from outside Milan, we'll find an apartment in the city and pay the rent for the duration of the course. Meals will be provided for too, but only as long as you're in the office.

This course is meant to be attended in person. However, a case-by-case assessment of applicants who can attend only remotely can be conducted and exceptions might be made.

Applications will remain open until May, 31 2019.You can apply here. We reserve the right to close the application window earlier and at any time, in case we receive more applications than we can handle. When applying, you'll be asked to provide your first and last names, a contact email, a CV, and a cover letter. For further informations read the BCamp rules.

Certificates of attendance will be issued to those participants whom we'll deem to have both completed all the reading and assignments and demonstrated to have achieved the program's learning goals. While handing out these certificates will be at our sole discretion, our goal is to give one to every participant, so it's up to you to show up and work hard. In general, it's unreasonable to expect to receive the certificate if failing to attend and carry out the assignments for more than 20% of the program.

All participants must either be Italian or live or work in Italy (so foreigners living in Italy or Italians living abroad can apply too). If you're wondering why, that's because this event is meant to stimulate the study of iOS development in Italy, where folks at Bending Spoons believe there's a huge opportunity to do a lot more in this respect. Although it's not compulsory to be expert programmers, it's recommended to have at least some experience within this field. Participants have to be at least 18 years old at the date of application. Finally, we won't require to provide any language certification, but it's highly recommended to have a good understanding of Italian, at least equal to a B2 level on the European scale, since lessons will be offered in Italian. Granting admission will be at our sole discretion.

Bending Spoons is a tech company that currently specializes in developing and marketing mobile apps. Our apps are used by tens of millions of people all around the world and get downloaded nearly 300,000 times per day just on iOS, making Bending Spoons the first Italian and European company by that metric globally, and a top 10 among all companies worldwide. We sponsor and organize the program with the primary purpose of stimulating the study of iOS development in Italy and, more generally, contributing to Italy's progress in the tech field.

Email us at But first, please, read carefully the above once more 😉!

Full-time, free-of-charge, 5-week program, starting in July 2019. All expenses (including accommodation and meals) are covered.